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diverse representations of life onstage, bound by a common human story to which all audience members can relate, when paired with manifold casts and artistic teams, lead to diverse audiences and the opportunity to evoke greater understanding of and empathy for disparate cultures -through the shared arts experience.

40 Acres and a P.O.W.

(World Premiere) by Woody Eney, produced by/at Sycamore Rouge, 2009
Brittany Dilliberto, Lighting Design; Geno Brantley, Scenic Design; Kay Renee, Costume Design; Philip Milone, Technical Director


"True Story of Acceptance Plays out at Sycamore Rouge," Petersburg Progress-Index
"Director kb saine deserves several rounds of applause. See the show"

"Review of '40 Acres and a POW'," Richmond Times-Dispatch
"Sycamore Rouge, aside from being one of the most scenic venues in the area, has carved itself a niche with productions that examine the human condition, raise probing questions that do not have ready answers, and introduce characters that define a particular period or place"

"Get you a German boy: 40 Acres and a POW," Richmond Acting/Examiner
"Directed by kb Saine, 40 Acres and a POW is not a perfect play, but is it worth going all the way out to Petersburg to see? Absolutely."

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