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diverse representations of life onstage, bound by a common human story to which all audience members can relate, when paired with manifold casts and artistic teams, lead to diverse audiences and the opportunity to evoke greater understanding of and empathy for disparate cultures -through the shared arts experience.

The Odyssey

by Mary Zimmerman, produced by Sycamore Rouge at the Battersea Estate, 2011


"Theatre Review: The Odyssey," Richmond Times-Dispatch
"The setting provided a fine backdrop for an evening of storytelling — and storytelling is what this production of "The Odyssey," directed by kb saine, does best."
(review is no longer available online)

"Battling the Elements," Style Weekly
"Director KB Saine [sic] has done her best to pep up the adventures, using imposing shadow puppets to evoke a certain nasty beast, for example. Her modern infusions are also energizing"

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