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diverse representations of life onstage, bound by a common human story to which all audience members can relate, when paired with manifold casts and artistic teams, lead to diverse audiences and the opportunity to evoke greater understanding of and empathy for disparate cultures -through the shared arts experience.


by Suzan-Lori Parks, produced at Sycamore Rouge in February/March 2012
Karim Badwan, Lighting Design; kb saine, Scenic Design; Margarette Joyner, Costume Design; Philip Milone, Technical Director

Ronnie Brown as Booth; Delvin Young as Lincoln


video clips:
"boosted": http://youtu.be/anqLwqw5F-w
"budget":  http://youtu.be/vN0MKxN8jyo


"Dog Eat Dog," Style Weekly

"Director kb saine has smoothed out some of the awkward edges of Suzan-Lori Parks' celebrated but thorny script. She's also cast two of the area's most charismatic actors to portray brothers whose lives are a jumble of hustling, heartache and betrayal. ... With its slow-building intensity and devastating crescendo, "Topdog" shows Sycamore Rouge at the top of its game."

(review is no longer available online)


"Sycamore Rouge Play Deals With Life," Petersburg Progress-Index

"Artistic director kb saine is to be commended for expertly directing and taking on such a difficult task, capturing these complex and conflicted brothers and bringing them to life."



"Topdog/Underdog at Sycamore Rouge", Mondo Johnny

"Director kb saine has the advantage of a superior cast and a perfect environment in which to stage her production."



"Topdog/Underdog: An American Cain and Abel Story", Urban Views Weekly


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